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Volcan Welding

Volcan Welding

We are a local small business, with over 20 years experience in the welding idustry, and are big on quality.  Volcan Welding was established in 2021 by Steve Mucyk, a local born and raised in Niagara.  Our company name and logo was inspired by his love of traveling and the humbling beauty & power of the volcano, which is said as “volcan” in Spanish.  Our goal simply put, is to see a happy client, with a good looking product in their hands. 

Diverse Clientele:

Volcan Welding caters to an extensive clientele, including wineries, craft breweries, commercial and industrial facilities, manufacturing companies, and the steelmaking industry. We are also proud to extend our services to the general public, ensuring that individuals and businesses alike benefit from our exceptional welding solutions.

Choose Volcan Welding for unparalleled expertise, commitment to quality, and a versatile range of welding services that meet the requirements of our clients. We are your trusted partner in welding excellence.

Mobile and In-Shop Welding:

Whether your project demands on-site precision welding or the controlled environment of a workshop, Volcan Welding has you covered. Our mobile welding unit can reach you wherever you are, ensuring that welding solutions are seamlessly integrated into your location or project site. On the other hand, our shop provides an environment to produce small, detailed fabrication work, allowing us to meet the highest standards of quality.

Small/Light Fabrication:

At Volcan Welding, we specialize in small benchwork fabrication projects, offering tailored solutions to meet your requirements. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring consistent quality, and precision.

Pipe Welding and Repair Services:

Pipe welding is a specialized skill that plays a crucial role in various industries, and is part of our daily lives, and much of our infrastructure.  At Volcan Welding we possess extensive experience, and expertise in pipe welding, ensuring it’s done right the first time.  Pipe welding services are available in our shop, and mobile for on-site services & emergency calls.  We specialize in small, high quality pipe spool fabrications & welding, removal & reinstallation of flanges & fittings, repairs, applications that require argon back purge, and production welding of small piping system components of carbon steel, stainless steel, and Aluminum.  We also utilize our Rotary Welding Positioner with Argon back purge capability whenever possible, to further improve weld seam quality, consistency, and production speed.



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